First impression is the best Impression VS. Never judge a book by its cover

First impression is the best Impression VS. Never judge a book by its cover

Majority of us have heard the common phrases “The first Impression is the best Impression” and “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” While most people tend to follow these sayings in their day to day life, what happens is that interviewers and interviewees tend to use these as secret weapons during the BIG INTERVEIW. While the interviewee tries to make a great first impression, on the other hand the interviewer tries to pick the right person for the job. Unfortunately these two functions can turn into a difficult situation for both parties.

From the Interviewee’s point of view:

The aim of the interviewee is to create his first impression towards his potential future employer as nothing less than perfection. During most occasions these individuals try to out beat their competitors by highlighting their strengths that are often look forward by interviewers and bury their weaknesses. The commonly seen strategies behind this is either you are true to yourself and portray who you actually are or use the mask of someone else and achieve your goal.

From the interviewer’s point of view:

Most often interviewers are the masters of unraveling the truth and keeping in mind never to judge a book by its cover. Smart interviewers usually give out the vibe of total interest and trust, but they are often given a knowledge as to who they will be interviewing. This done through background checks conducted ahead of the interview and enables to see over the perfect impression created by the interviewee. It is of utmost importance that all employers use this technique to recruit the most suitable candidate for the post. Unfortunately there can be certain situations where there is an awkward situation created at the interview due to mismatch of personalities, age differences and culture shock that can result as an obstacle to both parties.

Unfavorable scenarios can prevent an interviewee from giving out his best and causing him to be judged as an unsuitable candidate and drive the interviewer towards the wrong choice. In order to overcome such obstacles it is advised that organizations adopt new recruitment and screening strategies that would enhance the interview experience and benefit both parties. These include a series of casual and group interviews, case studies, team work and activities that could put into test various skills and proficiencies of the interviewee. It is observed that such experiences not only help the interviewer to select the best candidate but at the same time gives the opportunity for interviewee to naturally showcase their true personality.

As a result it can be seen that a continuous battle takes place between the two phrases causing a lot of suspense and revealing. Hence it is important for all interviewees to present their true character while interviewers need to carefully scrutinize all interviewees and finalize the process with a productive collaboration of both the phrases.

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