CSE to expand beyond local borders

As a dampened Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) eagerly anticipates its big take-off, its Chairman yesterday pledged 2016 would be the year of implementation while outlining its prospects to become a regional player following regulatory approval.

“We will be launching a dollar denominated board very soon especially targeting the Maldives as we have signed an MOU with them. 

First Google Loon balloon enters Lanka’s airspace  By Charumini de Silva

The first Google Loon balloon equipped with telecommunication transmitting equipment entered Sri Lanka’s airspace yesterday morning from the Southern Province between Tissamaharama and Hambantota.

ICTA CEO Muhunthan Canagey said there will be a total of three balloons on Sri Lanka’s airspace by the end of this month. 

“In addition to the current balloon, two other balloons will reach country’s coast lines by the end of the month. One is currently off the East Coast of South Africa and is expected next week while the other one is expected in 12 days,” he told the Daily FT. He said a team of Google engineers will arrive in Sri Lanka during the end of this week to commence a series of tests to be performed.

HRM Awards 2014: The benchmark for the best industry practices in Human Resource Management Featured

The HRM Awards, initiated by the Association of Human Resource Professionals, will be held for the 6th consecutive time this year. This event aims to create a platform for public and private sector organizations in Sri Lanka to evaluate their HRM policies against internationally recognized guidelines.

Unemployment, underemployment: A critical issue for every govt. in office Featured

Unemployment is a key yardstick to measure economic health. So is under-employment. If the economy maximized its efficiency and potential, everyone in employable age would find timely employment to his/her full potential at a fair wage in line with market prices. An individual who is unemployed or underemployed is both unproductive and a drain on society’s resources. Unemployment is a powerful driver that shapes government policy and plan implementation. Generally, lower unemployment rates reflect a good economic health in a country.

Sri Lanka?

As per the 2013 labor force survey conducted by the Department of Census and Statistics, Sri Lanka’s unemployed population is 384,439. Though overall, the unemployment rate stands at 4.4%, female unemployment is 6.6%. Youth unemployment, which stands at 19.1% in the 15-24 age group remains a structural issue that is persisting in Sri Lanka.

EDEX, the organizers of Sri Lanka’s largest Education Exhibition and Job Fair teamed up with LMRB to conduct a survey among a large sample of job seekers to the EDEX Job Fair. Therefore, it should be noted that the findings of this survey does not represent the views of all job seekers in the island.

Core Training for Professional Coaching Featured

Coach Masters Academy was established with a mission to inspire positive change through professional coaching. Your journey towards mastering coaching begins with us. Coaching is a skill based training. It requires a unique combination of theoretical understanding and actual skill to effect transformational change. At Coach Masters Academy, we are committed to deliver the highest standard of coach training. Your success as a coach in supporting your clients to realize their goals is our success.

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