Key HR lessons learned from 2021

Key HR lessons learned from 2021

Taking a look back, 2021 has undoubtedly proven itself to be a year of many hardships through which HR professionals learned critical lessons as the structure and functioning of their businesses started to change quite rapidly.

Among the countless experiences gained, listed below are 5 key HR lessons we learned from adapting to the ‘new-normal’:

1) Show employees the company's purpose beyond profits

Your employees decided to join and remain in your company since they realized that their values aligned with those of the company. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that the purpose can’t just be about making money. Assuring your employees that you are there at their times of need, listening to their concerns or worries, having a few fun activities to keep them constantly engaged, organizing giveaways and occasional night outs will prove to them that you use your profits for the betterment and happiness of your employees as well.

2) Being more flexible

As an organization, sticking to the same concepts that were trending a decade ago can lead to your downfall. Thinking out of the box and brainstorming in order to lay new ideas on the table should be done regularly in order to improve the business. Allow your employees to speak freely regarding any suggestions they have on a regular basis so that you can implement them to make your business and their working environment more innovative. A sense of acceptance can indeed go a long way.

3) Taking good care of your employees

Humanity is a quality that comes with a great cost in the modern era. Therefore, people tend to expect it more than ever, especially due to the prevailing pandemic. Taking good care of your employees both physically and psychologically is key to keeping them satisfied. For example, try to organize free-meal-giveaways to those who are financially deficient and/or hire a counsellor whom your employees can visit to seek aid regarding their psychological troubles.

4) Shifting to more digitized systems

Working from home has not been an easy task. Scheduling and planning everything online can be tough, and some might consume more time than expected to adjust to the new digitized systems. However, learning and growing is all a part of experience. Make sure your employees, especially those who are older, are taught easy and proper ways to record and manage their data. It is essential that the organization look for new IT platforms that can help analyze and manipulate your data faster, instead of sticking to the old techniques that could reduce the efficiency.

5) Create an organization that rewards internal talent

The most-sustainable companies typically elevate employees from within and demonstrate a clear path to promotion. This way, the extra hassle a newly recruited senior employee should go through in order to adapt to the culture system that exists, is unnecessary. Although, this might not be practical for all scenarios, encouraging such promotions and rewarding internal talent can boost the emotional bond the employees have towards the company. Moreover, this could elevate their will to do their tasks more accurately and to be more accountable and responsible.

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