How to get your employees participation into virtual workplace

These days it is hard to get employees attention into one specific matter because of the outbreak of COVID-19 deadly virus. Most of the countries around the world are under lockdown and have asked their employees to stay back home and do their daily office related work at home. Since employees are not in the same room it’s not an easy task to gather them around to have nine to ten-minute argument meetings and it’s not practical. The fact is most of the meetings are annoying and there is most likely little to zero accountability for engagement. You can realise most of the employees are trying forcefully keep their eye contact. In a situation where companies allow their employees to work from home, the management team need to take necessary actions to keep their team together by engaging fully. In simple terms, you need to create voluntary engagement within your teammates to create the structure and platform to engage fully. Here are some valuable tips you can practice while working at home.

How to empower women at work

In the 1970s, women were not welcome in organisations and some countries they were not allowed to work. With the globalisation and the technological development, cultural barriers left off and restrictions to work was eliminated. Employment laws and ethics are improved and those initiatives helped to empower women, but there are major gaps that need to be filled. As employees, we need to give space to female employees to build their career by empowering them without hesitation. International women’s day is a great day to appreciate the hard work of all women who are working in different industrial sectors. With empowerment, organisations can allow female employees to have more control over their lives. HR services in organisations can organise sponsorship opportunities and training for women. Companies can give career opportunities for female employees such as promoting them into senior- management level positions based on their work patterns and performance. With regarding empowering women at the workplace, here are some small tips to implement empowering work culture within your organisation. 

How HR managers can shape their employees’ well-being.

Most of the employees spend half of their lifetime with the organisation, because of that, it is important to take care of your employee’s health as well as their wellbeing. Since we are living in a rapidly changing world, everything happens around the world, matters. Employees who are working in organisations will expect more values from their employer. Rather than giving increments and overtime payments companies can look into more realistic ways to improve their employee wellbeing. In any successful company, senior management team plays a vital role to create the corporate culture within the organisation. In simple terms, the organisation is your family and employees are your family members. It is important to take care of your family as well as members to bring prosperity to your family. 

It is the manager’s duty to create a supportive workplace to promote better wellbeing of their employees. Well-known companies around the world are now focusing on reducing employee healthcare cost by improving employees’ health. They support employees to be healthy by providing various pieces of training and programmes. These types of initiatives help them create more dedicated and productive workforce within the organisation. Recent research has found that two-thirds of US employers have started offering health and wellness programmes to their employees. To make these changes, managers also need to adapt to this sustainable healthy working culture. With the leadership of the management team, they can easily create and promote healthy behaviour in the organisation without making it too complicated for their employees. Here are some tips to improve wellbeing in your organisation. 

Things That HR Managers Can Learn from Netflix’s Company Culture

Netflix is the world’s largest and leading entertainment service. They have over 167 million paid memberships in more than 190 countries around the world. The consumers enjoy Netflix through different varieties of TV series, documentaries and feature films that come with different languages. The most important thing about Netflix is, customers can watch any program they want anytime, anywhere on any internet-connected screen without commercials (Netflix, 2020).

The Benefits of Internal Recruiting

Internal hiring is a process of hiring someone from within your existing business to fill the gaps in vacant positions of your organisation. Types of internal hiring include transfers, promotions, employee referrals and moving temporary employees to full-time. Sometimes filling vacancies are difficult for HR services in some organisations because they can’t decide whether to reach out to current professionals or looking, external candidates. Offering new opportunities for the existing employees will give unique benefits to companies. Implementing a system to encourage internal hiring will help your company to cut down cost and time when filling vacant positions. Below listed benefits can be experienced when your organisation hires within the company. 

A human resource manager is the one who links employees and higher management in order to build a strong relationship between both entities to improve an organisational working culture. But being an intermediary can be challenging because different people have different aspects. To improve the working experience and culture of the organisation, HR services within the company needs to be more efficient. To provide better services for the workforce of the organisation HR managers need to have specific skill sets and attitudes. If you are willing to go that extra mile to provide a better service for your employees, here are some tips to become a great HR manager. 

Candidate experience is a popular buzzword in the HR sector because that is the most important factor for a company to attract new talents. We can simply define candidate experience as, “how candidates feel about your company after they experience your company’s hiring process.” According to their review, other candidates’ decisions also can be changed because they influence others' decision-making process. Candidates tend to review the candidate experience they had with the employer and keen to share it on social media and certain reviewing websites where they can review companies. Having a better candidate experience will help you to build your brand name and reputation, or else if candidates had a bad experience they will ruin your brand and at the end, you will lose respect as an employer and as a brand. Most of the common problem that candidates are facing according to social media for business websites are, a lack of information regarding the interview process. After the interview process, most of the companies are failing to get back to candidates and update what was happened. This is where most of the companies go wrong. Here are some valuable tips to create a better candidate experience for your company.

Simple ways to increase mental health in the workplace

In the modern world, 264 million people suffer from depression and most of them are also suffering from symptoms of anxiety. The recent study done by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has found that depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy 1 trillion annually because of the loss of productivity. Poor mental and physical health can negatively affect employees. This will affect job performance and productivity, communication with other co-workers, physical and daily functioning. Therefore workplaces that promote mental and physical health are more likely to reduce the problems regarding mental and physical health. This helps them to improve productivity and gain rapid growth in the industry. Organisations can promote awareness about mental health and risk management among their employees. Furthermore, companies can implement below listed simple initiatives for the workplace to improve mental and physical health. 

Simple ways to increase employee retention

Employees are major assets for any company. High performing employees create a competitive advantage for the company among its competitors. To increase employee retention companies need to adopt a better human resource information system, which directly helps the HR department to handle employees. Furthermore, companies need to come up with sustainable HR solutions to retain their best employees and face problems like retention and talent management. Recent studies indicate that companies spend 33% of a worker’s annual salary to replace an employee. Therefore, it is better to improve employee retention within your organisation. Here are some valuable tips to increase employee retention. 

Why having a Multi-Generational Workforce Matters

In the modern era, most of the organisations have 3-5 generations present in their workplace. That includes Traditionalists who are born before 1945 and up to Generation Z. This kind of diversity can create a range of challenges for the company because each generation has different expectations about work-life and how they want to be managed. But having a multi-generational workforce is an added advantage because a wide range of ideas and years of experience can serve the company much better while it helps other young employees to excel in their work. Due to demographic trends and pension legislation changes, it’s a common behaviour for organisations to have at least three generations working alongside each other. Having a multi-generational workforce will be very effective because of three reasons.

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