Effective ways to take care of your employees during a pandemic

Effective ways to take care of your employees during a pandemic

In any organisation, leaders must think about their employees more than ever because of the pandemic. It is important for any organisation to take care of their employees to deliver the best outcome in this pandemic situation. Without good employee satisfaction, the company can be collapsed, because employees are the foundation of any company. The company must support their employees to be healthy by supporting them to reduce the extra stress that comes with every angle of their life. If the employees can manage their stress during this pandemic, they will automatically be more productive because they do not have any other things to focus. Recent clinical studies found that anxiety and depression cause lower productivity among employees and less productive people result in bigger backlogs. Therefore, focusing on the wellbeing of the employees is crucial for any organisation to success in this pandemic scenario. Here are a few effective ways to take care of your valuable employees during the pandemic. 

Inspire employees to grow their career 

According to the Harvard Business Review, they have identified that most of the employees tend to work a longer period for the companies who are helping them to improve and grow their career. Providing employees more opportunities to learn and grow will lead to lower turnover, improved productivity, higher sales growth, and better customer loyalty. Also learning increases the happiness factor of the employees which helps employees to improve adaptability. Employees who are with focus mind will help organisations to finish work on time. Companies can ask employees to take part in various online courses and webinars available for them or employees can use learning platforms like LinkedIn to improve their career. HR and managers can recommend books, TED talks or podcasts for their team members. In addition, it is important to give regulator feedback for the employees, because generation Z and Millennials are more likely to get feedback weekly.

Improve employee wellbeing 

If your organisation is reopening after the pandemic, you need to take safety precautions to stop the spreading of the deadly virus. In addition, it is important to keep track of the physical and mental health of all the employees. Organisations need to practice healthy activities like maintaining social distancing, conducting daily health checks, wearing masks, installation of sanitising equipment. Furthermore, it is necessary to check and maintain the ventilation system of the building. When it comes to leaves, companies must allocate more sick leaves for employees so they can take leaves without being stressed. Since pandemic started, so many companies are affected and most of the employees are now working from home. To face sudden situational changes companies must think about contingency plans and communicate with employees so if something happens employees know what to do. 


Communication is the most important aspect of this scenario. Employer’s need to make sure to effectively manage two-way communication to maintain the information flow of the organisation. Because during a crisis like this, communication is the key to survive. Companies need to focus on both internal and external communication methods to properly communicate the message with respected parties. Since most of the employees are now working from home, it is necessary to improve virtual visibility to manage and maintain perfect virtual teams. Manages can have regular meetings with team members to discuss about the progress of the work. In addition, proper communication of the policy changes, contingency plans and salary changes are important. If the company is managed to maintain proper communication channels between employees it will help the company to avoid misunderstanding and reduce business risk. 

Above-mentioned strategies are critical to take care of your employees during this pandemic. Changes will not happen within night but you can notice a clear difference among your employees after a few months.

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