Interview Tips: What are your salary expectations?

Interview Tips: What are your salary expectations?

Each Interviewer certainly has his or her own ways to get to know the potential candidates for a job vacancy during an interview. It can be a long or a short interview, more focused on personal aspects or professional achievements instead. It can be very formal or have that informal tone that we never know how to handle… but you can be almost sure that the question that most of them are going to ask by the end of the interview is that one related to your salary expectations. Continue reading if you want to learn some tips on how to ace the answer!

Do not try to avoid the question

Sometimes, not giving a clear answer to this question might decrease your chances to get selected for that dream job. The employer or HR manager can interpret it as if you are not able to face difficult situations or you feel uncomfortable when asked a sensitive question. Do some research online and identify the average salary for the industry, title and seniority of the opportunity you are applying for. Adjust it slightly to your personal expectations and get ready to answer the question as naturally and straightforward as possible.

Do some research in advance

One of the main drawbacks of answering this question is that you might state an amount that is lower than what the company has allocated for that position. In order to avoid this problem and, therefore, increase your chances to get a good salary offer from the potential employer, make sure you do some research before going to the interview. Research information about the average salary for the job position you are applying for. Take into account years of experience (seniority of the position), location, company size and internal structure. Carefully read the job description and understand what are your exact responsibilities going to be and, if you have the chance, ask former employees of that organization how much they used to earn. That should give you a hint of the amount that the company has allocated for the position.

Give a straightforward answer

You might be tempted to give a vague answer such as “I am expecting to have a salary that goes in accordance with my experience and capabilities”. Although it might seem a pretty good way to handle the request, employers tend to ask this question because they want a direct answer. They want to know if your pay expectations would fit with the budget they have allocated for that position. Therefore, make sure you give a numeric figure and, if you don’t want to be very specific, at least indicate a salary range that you would feel comfortable with.

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