The ultimate recipe for a perfect Employer Brand

The ultimate recipe for a perfect Employer Brand

Creating the perfect Employer Brand is something that is being experimented by almost every organisation. Unfortunately getting the right balance can be quite tricky but not impossible. All it takes is to obtain the perfect combination of all components along with the right technique and you are good to go.

Employer Brand can be identified as the ideal combination of HR and marketing. Imagine your organisation as a cake, the ultimate goal of an Employer Brand would be to attract talent towards your organisation. In other words making it irresistible to your customer, where in this scenario would be potential candidates. And how does one do this? That’s where HR comes into play.

For any recipe to be successful the most important element would be the ingredients. Getting the right proposition to obtain the required quantity and quality is crucial. One needs to keep in mind that shortage and surplus of any ingredient can result in a complete disaster. Likewise, the key ingredient used in this recipe would be the existing employees. There needs to be the right amount of employees at the right job in order to get the required balance. Added to this there needs to be other physical and monitory assets that help to enhance the outcome. At presents many substitutes can be found for many ingredients that are necessary. This would ideally be software and outsourcing that can be used with changing trends and according to one’s taste.

It is quite obvious that there needs to be a baker to make this cake. Unlike the saying, “Too many cooks spoil the soup”, in order to bake this cake the entire management needs to be involved. The management needs to come together and identify the final product they want to achieve, decide on the method and techniques that is going to be used and at the same time the tasks that need to be distributed among the individuals taking responsibility to bring it together to create the image in mind.

Tip: keep in mind is to incorporate the ideas and involvement of the entire team rather than a few overpowering individuals in order to obtain the expected result.

Once the basic batter for the cake is prepared it needs to bake in an oven to obtain the right consistency and texture. This oven would be the organisational culture. A suitable organisational culture helps to transform the raw ingredients into a presentable final product that is more appealing. The company culture needs to be one that is specific for the organisation and its operations. The way in which the oraganisational activities are carried out can be compared to the temperature of an oven. Hence it is important to maintain a moderate temperature throughout the process making sure the cake is not undercooked nor is it burnt.

Last but definitely not the least would be the icing on the cake. Also known to be the best part cause after all presentation is key. There is no point in baking the perfect cake if it does not appeal to the customer. Hence in order to do so the organisation needs to focus on an effective employee value proposition that can get the eye of many.

Tip: The employee value proposition not only needs to be attractive but it also needs to match the entire organisation in order to obtain the expected outcome.

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