How HR managers can shape their employees’ well-being.

How HR managers can shape their employees’ well-being.

Most of the employees spend half of their lifetime with the organisation, because of that, it is important to take care of your employee’s health as well as their wellbeing. Since we are living in a rapidly changing world, everything happens around the world, matters. Employees who are working in organisations will expect more values from their employer. Rather than giving increments and overtime payments companies can look into more realistic ways to improve their employee wellbeing. In any successful company, senior management team plays a vital role to create the corporate culture within the organisation. In simple terms, the organisation is your family and employees are your family members. It is important to take care of your family as well as members to bring prosperity to your family. 

It is the manager’s duty to create a supportive workplace to promote better wellbeing of their employees. Well-known companies around the world are now focusing on reducing employee healthcare cost by improving employees’ health. They support employees to be healthy by providing various pieces of training and programmes. These types of initiatives help them create more dedicated and productive workforce within the organisation. Recent research has found that two-thirds of US employers have started offering health and wellness programmes to their employees. To make these changes, managers also need to adapt to this sustainable healthy working culture. With the leadership of the management team, they can easily create and promote healthy behaviour in the organisation without making it too complicated for their employees. Here are some tips to improve wellbeing in your organisation. 

Improving self- care 

The most important health factor in any organisation is managing employee stress. Managers need to help their employees to reduce stress by setting examples. If managers can cut down the practice of working overtime and sending work-related email on weekends it will be helpful for the employees to maintain good health. Managers need to conduct some workshops regarding time management for their employees who are working overtime to improve productivity in working hours. Managers also need to adapt to the healthy behavioural lifestyle and it helps employees who are working under them to realise the value of a healthy life. 

Promoting an active working environment 

Promoting active environment within your organisation will help employees to stay active all day. Managers can replace sit down meetings with one to one working meetings or town hall meetings. Also they can encourage employees to use stairs instead of using elevators. In addition, the employees who are working should be informed that getting up, stretching and moving is completely accepted and normal behaviour in your organisation. Furthermore, HR services in the organisation must do some appreciation for employees who are practising these kinds of activities. 

Health education and employee acknowledging

HR services in the company can create awareness about being healthy. In addition, companies can use an enterprise social network to share quick tips and activities to improve employees’ physical and mental health. Furthermore, the company can implement HR services like health classes for employees to learn about healthy habits to reduce stress. Moreover, managers can improve employees’ wellbeing by simply being thankful for what they have done for the company. If HR department can provide a small token of appreciation for the employees who are working hard towards the company goal, which will make them feel good about their job role and the organisation.

These types of initiatives will help the organisation to improve employee wellbeing because healthy and energetic employees are more productive and motivated than stressed employees. If managers can build a healthy sustainable culture within the organisation, the employees who are working for the company is most likely to put more energy and effort to get things done. 

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