Career lessons learnt from The Avengers

Career lessons learnt from The Avengers

Back in May 2012, the blockbuster hit movie, The Avengers was released and was shown in almost every theatre in town and it was always a full house. Whether you watched it as a massive fan of the Marvel comics or as someone who got hooked from the other Marvel movie (Thor, Iron Man etc.), you probably loved every bit of the movie. The interesting thing about the movie is that there are certain lessons you notice that people can relate to, in terms of careers.


1. Identify your strengths

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Captain America: “Big man in a suit of amour. Take that away and what are you?” Tony Stark (Iron Man): “A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist” While spearheading through your career, there will be those who try to bring you down. Whoever they are, know your strengths and use them for good. There is no reason to be afraid of self-promotion (not too much though). It should be done with a sense of confidence that will leave a good impression on people. It will also make you sound witty. I mean, that comment made by Tony Stark was an epic comeback!

2. Remember your limits

2nd point

It is important to keep in mind that everything has a limit. During recruitment, Dr. Banners (the Hulk) was very stern with the role he played in the team; to only help out in the lab and not use his alter ego as a means of fighting crime. What he thought was that when he turn into an angry green monster, there is no stopping him and he was afraid of what he would do and who he would hurt. However, when he found that there was a way of controlling it voluntarily, he helped the team out. Indirectly, he teaches us to never underestimate ourselves, nor sound overrated. Always trust your instincts. Know when to sit back and relax such as learning the job market before going ahead and applying. Just like the Hulk, knowing your limitations and careful research will give you the confidence to “smash” that job interview that you applied for.

3. Build and retain connections

avengers age of ultron

Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye worked well together for two reasons. One, as individuals, they were strong. Two, together, they were powerful. It is always wise to retain those you acquaint on the job; bosses, colleagues and other people. They may one day be able to help you with a project or landing your next job. Always take time and observe potential allies. Be helpful and trustworthy because you may never know when you may need them.

4. Give out a positive image

4th point

One of the best superheroes in the Avengers is Agent Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow). She is, firstly, a woman. Secondly, she is one of the two people who do not possess any superpower, but a very high set of skills. Apart from the fact that she is stunning, she is just as dynamic as the rest and she knows how to handle a fight. If this example is being taken, it does not mean that one should wear a full leather suit to an interview (if anything, dress professionally and appropriately). However, as a new hire, all eyes will definitely focus on you. Always show your worth, not just in the way you act, but in the way you present yourself as an independent, driven and highly skilled employee.

5. Work at it

cap america

Captain America was initially a small skinny man who was rejected by the army. However, he had determination and he worked hard at turning himself into a war hero, eventually becoming stronger than most due to an experiment that was conducted on him. There is a hero within everyone, and it is their job to awaken it. Discover your skill and use it to get the job you are looking for.

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