The Need for Human Interaction in HR

The Need for Human Interaction in HR

The issue that most organisation s seem to face is the lack of enthusiasm in the employees that are hired. At first, there is excitement and dedication, but the more paperwork they fill out and the more rules and regulations that are spoken about lead to demotivation of employees at the start of the job. All the energy is erased through the onboarding process, ultimately causing employees to be left in a wilderness of paperwork.

Unfortunately, employees decide to stay or continue working at an organisation during the first six months of the job, which is not a lot of time but is quite a cost. In the year 2014, organisation s have adopted extensive methods to improve the total candidate experience and ensure a positive and rewarding outcome for job seekers. However many organisation’s admit that their “internal candidate experience” was not as good.

There are certain essential that organisation’s need to remember to include in their Onboarding activities:

  • The time that is taken for employees to become proficient and comfortable with their job is important and must be focused on improving.
  • The first 30-60-90 days must be focused on in order to give employees a fast start.
  • Jobs have different break even points that depend on the complexity and applicability of the talent pool.
  • When the employee starts to work, their engagement levels are high but organisation s need to remember they will quickly decline.
  • Onboarding should be considered an engagement and development process rather than an administrative activity.
  • Point to remember: a carefully planned onboarding process always leads to higher engagement and productivity and reduces the turnover.

What HR needs to work on?

  • HR needs to be better automated. Having the right technology in the streamlining process will enable HR and new employees to focus on the current work and immerse into the workplace culture. Allowing new job hires to move through the onboarding process with a smooth and uninterrupted flow will allow them to be ready from the first day.
  • HR needs to be empowered, which undoubtedly leads to a more engaging and productive day for new hires and co-workers. Empowering HR helps to create a sustainable organisation by

Eliminating by eliminating the hundreds of hours of administrative labor.

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