Being the Best Boss – The 3 Ps

Being the Best Boss – The 3 Ps

Every boss wants to be great at what they do. However, not every boss has the ability of fulfilling the brief. They fail to remember that being a good boss is quite simple; keeping your employees happy and satisfied at all times. This does not always mean that they demand a higher pay. Most employees just want to be appreciated for the work they do and a simple compliment will keep them motivated and will contribute to an increase in productivity in the workplace. Great bosses have a number of characteristics, but the most prominent are the 3 P’s – Presence, Praise and Promise

A great boss is always there whenever needed and is available at all times. They show up for meetings, give feedback regardless of whether it is positive or negative and the feedback is given on time. If a subordinate seeks guidance on a particular task, a great boss should always be able to help at all times. A boss as such will take real risks that involve a reward that is worth it. Their presence helps employees maintain straight state of mind and they tend to be more focused when their boss is around.

A great boss will work on, not only the organisation al goals, but also his own goals in terms of bringing his team up to par and recognising weak talent and trying to improve them with constant critical feedback and compliment when there is positive feedback. A good boss always tries to re-assure, inspire and motivate an employee, thereby making the workforce much stronger. A great boss will notice and employee’s efforts and they will be rewarded. Employees should be praised and they will continue to put up good work, expecting nothing in return. A great boss also cares about the well-being of their direct subordinates and will never throw an employee under the bus.

One characteristic that brings out the best in every boss is helping their subordinates reach their own personal life goals through their current job. Promises made have to be kept, and making a commitment to help your employees grow is big enough to keep them content. A good boss will enlighten them about any training and development opportunities that they think will benefit them in any way. A great boss will inspire their employees to work harder and be better at what they do.

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