Networking: The strategy to land your dream job

Networking: The strategy to land your dream job

According to many employers around the world, job seekers often ask “How do I not get jobs that I am qualified for and that I find challenging?” What these people really want to know is “How do I get a job that will appreciate my skills and something I find interesting?”

Majority of the people who apply for jobs do not want it to be “challenging”. They think they do but the truth is, most people want a job where they feel their contributions give value to the organization and where they maximize the utilization of their best skills.

Everyone wants to be successful – not challenged. Many times where employees are challenged, they tend to fail. When this pattern repeats, most people will get tired and ultimately quit their jobs.

What are job seekers doing wrong?

They only apply for jobs from job ads that are posted! Job seekers always complain saying that they have applied for every job out there and that there is nothing else that they can do. However, what they do not realize is that the jobs they really want, never actually get posted.


Here is how the usual process of employee hiring takes place:

Step 1: A need for a hire is there within the organization. This could be a new position being created or the result of someone who resigned.

Step 2: The hiring manager has one thought. “Do I know anyone that would be good for the job?”

Step 3: If there is someone that the hiring manager knows, then the person is contacted.

Step 4: If this candidate is actually suitable then there is no longer a need to post an ad for the job.

Therefore, yes, networking is critical

Many positions in many recognized companies are being occupied like this. If there is someone you know that is looking for a hire, then you are all set. As a random job seeker, you have no chance at these top positions.

How would you step up your game?

The answer is simple – network. It is important to connect with people with the same expertise as you in organizations in areas where you want to work. As a job seekers, you want to stand out from the rest, and the one way you can do this is by putting yourself in the minds of others as a unique individual. Then whenever they feel that there is a need for a candidate to fill in the spot, your name pops up.

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