Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

What is Diversity?
Diversity is known as any dimension that is used to differentiate people and groups from each other. Diversity is respect and appreciation of discrepancies in gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, disability, education, sexual orientation, religion and expression. Everyone bring s along diverse perspectives, lifestyles, work experience and cultures.

What is Inclusion?

Inclusion is about focusing on the needs of every individual and making sure the right conditions are set in order for each individual to achieve his/her full potentials. Inclusion is something that needs to be reflected in an organisation’s culture, practices as well as relationships in order to uphold a diverse workforce. 
10 Benefits you can reap by incorporating diversity and inclusion to your workplace

1.   When cultural diversity is acknowledged, managers will be able to discover new avenues to maximize and capitalize on various skills of employees who   come from different cultures.
2.  This culture creates more trust, respect and tolerance, also it enables you to Recognise, utilize and appreciate the unique perspectives and backgrounds of others.
3.   It improves productivity, morale innovation and total quality of your organisation as employees tend to put in more effort when they feel valued and respected for who they are. 
4.   People feel that they contribute to the greater good and are willing to go the extra mile.
5.   Diversity recruitment will improve employee retentions rate as well as workplace staffing.
6.  The inclusive environment this culture will bring about to your organisation will minimize the insider vs. outsider feel in order to gain traction. 
7.   This culture will also reduce discrimination and harassment incidents. 
8.   When employees are recognised for their differences, they are more capable of working harmoniously. 
9.   When everyone feels included they are far more likely to get engaged in things, develop loyalty and have higher job satisfaction.
10. A combination of experience and fresh ideas is the most powerful tool an organisation can have to beat its competitors; hence the more you focus on building a diverse and inclusive culture the more chances you have to overcome current economic obstacles.

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