Managing Customer Experience During COVID-19

Managing Customer Experience During COVID-19

More than 40% of the world’s population is staying at home right now without leaving their residences except for an essential activity because of the COVID-19 global pandemic. This is an unpredictable scenario for all the businesses because the societal shift is directly affecting consumer buying behaviour, buying decisions and customer experiences. Due to this global pandemic, most of the social connections are closed because of that companies need to think about digital ways to interact with their customers to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and engagement.

Optimizing mobile experience 

Working from home concept is boosting the smartphone usage according to the Global Web Index report. In generation Z, 80% of smartphone usage climb reported last month. Because of these trends, it is important to make sure your websites and mobile apps are user friendly and smooth as possible. The first impression of your brand or product is through your website. Therefore, it is vital to have user-friendly websites, which are easily accessible through mobile. If your company is maintaining an online chat support, you need to stay online during working hours to give the customer a better service. Remove non-essential content from your website and make it more attractive to your customers.

Value-driven brands 

This is the right time to identify any organisation’s corporate values. The behaviour of the organisations talks louder than their written values and objectives. Companies need to establish and work on different types of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, which help to highlight their brand’s real values and purpose. Most people identify brands as value driven brands during this period who provide flexible payment terms, free services, close non-essential stores and produce essential supplies. It is true that most of the companies also effected but proving your business can affect positively on society will help you to build corporate reputation. In addition, your existing customers will proudly talk about your initiatives and potential customers will satisfy seeing what the organisation has done to society. Therefore, a small CSR activity would be a great investment to create a positive brand image in the long term. 

Inform your customers 

The most import element of maintaining the customer experience during this pandemic is communication. Companies need to communicate with their customers regarding current business situation clearly and quickly. It is important to keep your customers connected through digital channels. Companies need to increase the number of digital channels so your customers can quickly contact you if there are any concerns to be cleared. Organisations can implement things like modifying working hours, update delivery policies and they can try new ways to reach customers by delivering better customer experience.  

Build engagement through social media

Social media is the best method to create engagement and satisfaction in these kinds of situations. Increasing engagement in social media will help you to keep your brand on top of the minds of your customers by delivering value-added services. Restaurants started sharing recipes, gym pages asked their user to share their daily workout and artists are started to do online programmes to increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Most of the companies are having social media accounts and this is the right time to engage with your community in a more productive way.

When the situation is getting worse, the consumer behaviour will change day by day. To respond quickly for the behavioural trends, it is important to keep track on them while changing your current approaches regarding consumer engagement and satisfaction. 

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