How horrible life is without an HRIS!

How horrible life is without an HRIS!

The HR managers would favor their favorites or due to fear during certain evaluations like performance and talent which is completely unfair with the other employees- “I don’t care how horrible his performance is, he knows my secret, I am giving him extra points”. This can turn down the reputation of the company and as you know, one’s reputation is spoilt, it’s difficult to mend.

Without an accurate record of employees’ attendance, employees’ pays could be deducted, not just that, the pay of an employee can be deducted unnecessarily.

Without an HRIS, the HR activities would be very opaque as in; the HR department will do anything and everything at their own willingness without anyone’s knowledge- “I am just doing my job!”

Too many delays as there would be so much to be managed by the HR department.-“I still couldn’t find that employee”

There will definitely be many security Issues and misplace of confidential documents.

Dispersed large organisation s will face several difficulties when locating certain employee’s information.

Of course always outdated! Don’t know anything new going on- “What on earth is going on”

No integration within the HR departments. “I have no idea what are they doing and I don’t care”

Low organisation productivity. Too much hard work put in, but every process takes time. So yes, low productivity.

No plans for the future! Due to the least time spent by the HR department, and no easy access for top levels to make decisions, how can they decide on the future?

HR department monitoring employees in and out times as when it’s manual, employees can fake the check in time– HR managers say, “I feel like an owl”

No employee engagement activities! Why?.. Because the HR is too busy with their work. Eventually, this leads to employee turnover- “We just do the same thing every day, no fun! No events”

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