Why Exit Interviews?

Why Exit Interviews?

Exit interviews are interviews conducted for a terminating employee. Exit interviews are sources of information for the improvement of an organisation as rarely we would receive honest feedbacks from current employees who are working in the organisation.

It is important to have an exit interview with an employee in order to obtain information about how our organisation is doing and what our organisation needs to do to improve- whether it is the induction process of new staff, drawing on learning of departing employees and how to create more positive view of the employer in the eyes of the departing employees. It is also more important to know the key turn over- why are they dissatisfied with the company. Exit interviews can also help the HR in performance management, where they can receive useful data from exiting employees on how to train their existing employees.

An exit interview is a good way of tracking employee perception of the company across a wide number of variables. The HR managers can also find out new ways to improve people management or retaining valuable employees who would otherwise have left the organisation.

The best way to do an exit interview is having a paper based interview because rather than saying their issues face-to-face, they would rather be comfortable writing it and they would also be more honest. Good exit interviews are basically good information about the organisation and it is a good way to assess and improve all the aspects of the working environment, including the culture. Exit interviews basically create a positive atmosphere in the organisation.

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